Jonny Giles is a 24-year-old artist from Redding, California.

 “Kreepy” Jonny Giles is a 24-year-old Californian artist and animator. His work uplifts the voice of the weirdo, finding reverence for the grime and scorn for the fine. Jonny is an illustrator, animator, and voice actor who's mission is to make absolutely anything and everything weird and wacky.  
Whether it be illustrating storyboards or promotional tees, animating shorts, or wearing every hat in the production pipeline, Jonny's mission is to MAKE IT HAPEN. No matter what budget, resources, or any other road block, Jonny always finds a way to make it happen and make it radical. 
Currently, his work focuses on blurring the line between “gallery” and “gunk,” a sort of living-room graffiti that allows you to take home a wheat pasted and paint bombed downtown wall and hang it over your fireplace. His mixed media collages are a juxtaposition of 80-year-old magazine clippings and contemporary detritus, weaving together elements of antiquity, design, humor, and originality. Jonny really just wants to merge the bizarre and the beautiful, all while keeping it weird. If you wanna stay weird, follow @kreepyjonny on socials!